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MarlothPark Is an holiday resort in the bush bordering Kruger National Park .
here are no fences in MarlothPark so wild animals kudu, gnoe, impala’s, water-Buck, zebra’s, nyala’s, giraffen roam free
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Between Marloth Park and Kruger National Park, along the Crocodile River, is a fence to keep dangerous animals out. Along the fence is a trail of approx 14 km from where the crocodiles, hippos, buffalos and large herds of elephants can be viewed. Also there are some very good golf courses nearby. You have the option of “Self Drive Safaris”, or organized game drives and nature walks witch start on the two main southern entrances you can take to the Kruger National Park, Sadadu located 45 km from Malelane Gate and only 20 km from Crocodile Bridge Gate. This provides quick easy access to the park for day trips, with plenty of time, sadadu is located at the southern part of the park this is also the most popular part of Kruger.
Marloth Park surrounds a private game reserve called Lion Spruit. You can drive your car after you bought a ticket at the Municipality in Marloth Park. You find here a feeding for vultures which one works together with the Kruger Park.
Furthermore, there are different viewpoints. There are some Rangers and they monitored the welfare of the animals.
There are also the Honorary Rangers who take care off the interests of wildlife seriously. Marloth Park is afcourse an indigenous Nature Conservancy.

In Marloth Park is a petrol station situated on the Elephant Road , Behind the gas station, a laundromat, a supermarket and liquor store. Also at the Elephant Road is the Watergate, a bar and restaurant with pool, in the same complex also a supermarket and laundry. In addition, a hardware store where you can buy pet food. Opposite you will find a gift shop adjoining coffee shop,
a liquor store and the office of Field Securety. In the Rinkhals lies Pumula restaurant where youcan eat.
On the Maroela you find the Municipality Offices (Town Hall) where you can buy tickets to Lion Spruit.
For a small fee you can also use the pool and sunbathing area of the Municipality. You can also drive along the Crocodile River.
If you are in front of Gate 2 and turn left then right sustain you drive along the river. Shops offer ATMs,where you can withdraw money limited. Also you can buy credits for South African pre-paid cards.
Such a pre-paid SIM card you can buy in the supermarkets in Komatiepoort or Malelane.

Outside Marloth Park
If you want to the Kruger Park, you can use two gates. Sadadu is close to the Crocodile Bridge Gate.
If you are in Marloth Park take gate 2 then take the first left and right at the end of the road turn left again. At the end of the road is the entrance of the Kruger Park. The second possibility is through the Marloth Park gate 1 to the driving direction N4 Malelane.
If you continue to follow the signs you will reach the Malelane Gate. Please note that only a certain number of vehicles per gate are admitted. It may be that your stay coincides with a holiday period in South Africa. You best can go so early as possible
in one of the Gates to avoid disappointment. In busy times it is also possible to make an reservation in advance a day before you want to go to the Kruger Park and then call for an access for your vehicle reservation.
Comply with the legislation because the park management is very strict. Get enough fuel, (you can fill up at the park) and make sure you be back before closing time off the gate.

In the vicinity are a small and a big city. There you will find shops and supermarkets.
Komatiepoort is the smallest city of the 2 but the closest. For Komatiepoort take gate 2 go out and then take the first left.
At the end of the road turn right and then you drive into the city itself. Alternatively, gate 1, and at the end of the road turn left onto the N4 for Lebombo. You will eventually signs for Komatiepoort against. You will find enough ATMs to withdraw money.
Furthermore, in the main street is always something to buy. Just walk through this street.

Maby this is also something for you instead of going into Komatiepoort you drive straight in the direction to Lebombo.
After about 4 km you see at the left side a large petrol station.
On the right side of the buildings is a KFC. On the left is a supermarket where you can get fresh pizza.

The largest city is Malelane. If you go out of the gates and at the end of the road turn right then you will see the signs Malelane.
In Malelane are several supermarkets and shops. Of course there are plenty of ATMs for cash withdrawals.
In the supermarkets you can also use your pincard.

Full day safaris and night drives can be arranged and booked in the Kruger National Park. Nature trails and bush walks are also available. These are all conducted by qualified Park Rangers who accompany guests on these activities. Sadadu is also a good base for day trips to Mozambique and Swaziland. also it is an ideal stopover for travelers from these countries for shopping or continue holiday. Maputo, the Mozambican capital, is also a great experience. Visit the various craft markets and the city with its beautiful architecture and history. A trip to Maputo would not be complete without enjoying the best of Portuguese cuisine that specializes in some of the freshest seafood and the traditional market on the Costa Dol Sol beachfront. these trips are also available to book when you stay in Sadadu

Swaziland is also just an hour away and this day trip offers a different experience, but also enjoyable. Visit traditional cultural villages, drawings of the Bushmen, arts and craft centers, and see the beauty of one of the last remaining African Kingdoms. Golf can be arranged at the Malelane Country Club, or the Komatipoort Golf Club, within a 20 minute drive from Sadadu. Guests also have access to some course in and around the city of Nelspruit. Fishing is a new and exciting activity in the area, in particular tiger fish. There is a possibility in Marlothpark to book a day trip organized in Mozambique as the Tiger Fish “hot spot” – The Komati River is only an hour away. For the more serious fisherman, full day fishing can also be arranged when you stay in Sadadu

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Marloth Park located in the provence Mpumalanga in South Africa, it is 20 km
north west from Komatipoort, between breedtegraden 25 ° 15 ‘en 25 ° 30′ south
and 31 ° 45 ‘en 31 ° 60′ east (net verwijzing 2532 AC).
Marloth park lays in a bow along the Crocodile River this is the natural border between kruger and marloth
on the other side the Lionspruit Nature Reserve,
a nature reserve wedged in a development zone. marloth Park acts as the inner circumference of the southern, western and eastern boundaries of the Kruger Park. Elephant Drive, with an asphalt surface, travels through Marloth Park giving access respectively to Hectorspruit Komatipoort, Access via Marloth Park is not restricted or regulated…………

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