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                                                                                                           First Contact

This is Alan and Ann,they live permanent in Marloth park. They will be your first contact and they are our contact for the house. they are here for all your arrangements like extra cleaning or bedding. And for help and needs, when something is broken or questions If you want a safari they arrange Safari/Game drives. Dylan who doing the safari drives can pick you up at our house with his open game vehicle and bring you back again. You wil fint a list what they offer of game drives in the house .



The whole house is cleaned before your arrival en clean bedding. It is possible while you stay that you need an extra cleaning or beddingbut this is for an small amount extra and must be arranged through Ann. normal cleaning wil be after 7 days and is includedYou will meet her when you arive. It also can be arranged that you have every day a quick cleaning like dishes and do the bedding and the small things arround and this is also to be arranged with Ann.


shops Shops in Marloth park

In Marloth Park are several shops where you can do your groceries there are also several restaurants like the watergat this one has a pleasant pool
There is a butcher and a greengrocer a deli and 2 supermarkets In Komatipoort you find a large supermarket the Spar. and many other useful shops. In Malelane are also several shops.


Petrol station and Laundry

In Marloth Park we also have a petrol station and as you can see completely dressed as animals. We also offer 2 laundries one is an selfservice and the other a complete laundry where you bring your laundry it wil be washed and dried, and coated


Safety from Field security

The house is secured by field security and they have a armed response. It is monitored 24 hours a day and when you leave the house and shut the door the alarm goes on, then this is registered by the computer of field. You have the keys with an alarm you set the alarm when you leave the house and again when you get home. also there is a personal alarm button, this you use only in emergencies such as fire or a heart attack. Or if you are on threatened in anyway, within 2 minutenis there is a security vehicle with you but this works only if you’re at the house.


Safari/game drives

From our house you can be picked up by Dylan for one of the fantastic safari’s in the krugerpark that can be arranged by Ann ,you wil have a open safari vehicle to the Kruger National Park or you can do a sunset drive along the river, or you take a delicious breakfast in the Game reserve Lion Spruit

Dylan is an accredited Field Guide operating his own open vehicle safari company, My Africa Safaris, from The Kruger National Park. He is a passionate environmentalist and conservationist.


Going on your own Safari into Kruger

The nice part of the house is that you are not bounded. You can choose any day to go on safari if you have a rental car. And what about the beautiful panorama route you sit on top of it. You drive for about 15 minutes to the Crocodile River Gate and you enter the Krugerpark When you want to go every day to the Krugerpark, it is advisable to have a WILD card you buy that at the gate This is for2 adults and 2 children and gives access to all san parks through out Africa and it is valid for one year


INTERNET parking- television- thelephone

In Sadadu is a Laptop with internet dongle with a prepaid telephone card vodcom with this laptop you can chat and surf or check your email or send email
and with the telephone thats in the house with a prepaid phone card you can phone in south Afrika
WITH THIS PHONE YOU CAN SMS OR PHONE THE CARETAKER and you can be reached as familie wil call you
installed on the laptop:ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype
AlsoThere is parking space in front of the house


Every week Bird Walks

Come on a Saturday morning for a Bird Walk through Marloth Park. Walk takes 2 ½ – 3 hours. Bring your binoculars, bird books, sunburn and hat, walking shoes and bring water. Everyone welcome. departure from the municipality, Henk van Rooyen Park to just 7-00 hours – do not be late! No cost – but all donations to the Honorary Rangers will be appreciated. Birds of Marloth Park Booklet available English / Afrikaans R30.00.


Walk and Talk in Lion Spruit Reservaat

by ANDRE ENGELBRECHT. Andre gives his usual excellent and informative reading about interesting items in the bush.
The group will stop at various points along the way. and will spend some time in Rooi Dam and stay at Nyati Camp.
You can also join a brunch and chat in the shade of the big Jackalberry Tree in the lapa.

Child Bush Talk

ANDRE Engelbrecht gives an interesting version of the different water cycles in nature. He indicates the importance of taking care of our water. if we do not, the water is exhausted within 20 years. He stressed that the most valuable commodity on earth is water. this takes place at the Henk van Rooyen Park for a very informative talk “water in nature”. And be given by the Honorary Ranger expert, Andre Engelbrecht, André begins his talk with a
demonstration of the importance of water! Each group of children will receive a packet of dry ingredients. like flour to bake a cake, cement to make concrete and coffee, sugar and milk to make a cup of coffee. The children will be asked to prepare their products. Of course, this is not possible without the main ingredient, water


Daycare – Babysit:

We can offer you Childcare or babysitting this way you can have a day for yourself or have a nice evening at the restaurant
The phonenumber of our childcare can be found in Sadadu

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