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Spotted In Marloth

AFRICA                    20 Nov. 2013 Gespot in Lion Spruit Phyton eating Impala  lionspruit-nov-2013-luislang-eet-impala

Nov 2013 all ostrich chicks are deadstruis-marloth

nov 2013 Photo from HVR into krugerpark  leopard taken-from-henk-van-rooijen-andere-kant-kruger  Spotted hyena in Wildgoose street 08 sept 2013 spotted-hyena-wildgoose-street-8-sept-13 AUG 2013

leeuwen-in-olifantstreet-vlakbij-gate-1 Lion near the dump in Marloth Park, 2 Lions earea gate2 , Leopard stalking a man at his braai ,Lion near seekoei in Marlothparkwijffie-3-lionspruit-16-juni-2013 wijffie-4-lionspruit-16-juni-2013 wijffie-lionspruit-16-juni-2013 JUNI 2013 spotted in Lionspruit , our lions in Lionspruit photo’s in juni by jaco minnaar2013 leopard spotted in leu street, there are 6 leopards roaming in marloth. Leopard print 26 june in kingfisherstreet May-June 2013
lionprint-26-06-2013-rinkelsstreetluipaard-kingfisherstreet-26juni-2013 luipaard-kingfisherstreet-26juni-2013             [thumbnails_gallery images_from_media_library=”struis-20-juni-2013,struis-5-mei-2013,struis-14-juni-2013,struis1″] Ostritch chicks Dec 2012 Picture by Jose Gordon near the Main Road of Lionspruit Gate to Frikkies Dam. [thumbnails_gallery images_from_media_library=”martialeagle6,Martial-eagle-imm_-Dec-2012-jose-gordon,martialeagle5,martialeagle3″] 2013 Marloth Park This beautiful specimen is an immature Marshall Eagle. It is one of the biggest African eagles and very strong,

Southern Stiletto Snake Bites Visitor.

Eind december 2012, man get bitten by a snake , he thouth it was a harmless mole snake . because he thout it was harmeless he gave it a kick to get iit away from the house, this action resulted he got in hospital for 3 days and 2 days ICU.  the snake seems to be a  Southern Stiletto very poisend snake

Do not let yourself be deceived just because a snake is small and does not appear harmless. For example, the southern Stiletto Snake average only 35 cm long. One was mentioned here only 25 cm lank.Indien you a snake near the house say, do your in no way interfere with him. If it looks like he concern of his own going away and his presence, you are welcome to receive any of Marloth Park Honorary Rangers who teach tree.Indien in handling snakes connect a hose inside the house are found, you should under no circumstances try to remove the reptile or suffering to do nie.Slange are at their most dangerous when they feel threatened and many of them will not for one moment hesitate to strike if they are in a corner ü is should be such a case to seek the assistance of one of the Honorary Rangers responsible for the removal and release of reptiele.Waar possible, the reptile should carefully watched (from a safe distance of at least 3 or 4 meters) or if the snake in a closed room, let the door closed word.Wend simply an attempt to through the medium of many books on the subject to snakes to so many misconceptions are subject to understand and tolerate and the important place they take in our beautiful environment, waardeer.Insidente described above do incredible damage to hoses’s reputation and it was all so onnodig.Indien the snake in a threatening manner is approached, no one would have been bitten nie.Slange is extremely shy and if they have the opportunity, they will leave as soon as possible when they near finds one.Ereveldwagters verantwoordelik vir die verwydering en hervestiging van reptieleJohn Webb: 079 778 5359John Webber: 071 480 6453

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