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The Lions from Marloth


The Lions of Marloth

THE LIONS ROAR loudly  in Marloth Park   Lionspruit   AT NIGHT! During June 2013, the municipal Nkomazi Game Rangers along with the Honorary Rangers worked with an intensive program to monitor wild lions in Lionspruit and to ensure that they all remain in good health. The big black-maned male lion called Fluffy. When he was young his moons formed a large amount of lint around his face and he was affectionately called Fluffy. Today he is a big strong and regal black mane lion. “Mama Cat ‘as if the old lady is called by some owners, and” Old Lady “as she is known by the Rangers, is a large, now old lioness. For years, she is the main hunter in this small group of lions. She is the mother of two other lions, Fluffy and the smaller female, known as Dezi. They were from different litters with the male from the earliest nest. Dezi is by some owners called ‘Little Lady’, but is affectionately “Dezi” mentioned by our Rangers. Our lions are in good condition. Old Lady looks very good for an old lioness and Dezi is a pretty strong lioness. Fluffy is in excellent condition and is a wonderful man and king of his domain. He let us know by his nocturnal roar to the delight of the owners and our visitors. The Nkomazi Municipal Game rangers do an excellent job with the monitoring and protection of all wild animals, including these magnificent beasts. They constantly patrol all areas off and report to Mr. Elfas Mhori and Mr. Jaco Lover, our Senior Game Rangers, with regard to the welfare of the animals in their care. Many home owners have had the honor of seeing these magnificent lions. Most hear the lions even at night, as they proclaim the property of their respective territories. Many visitors to Marloth Park are excited by this typical sound of Africa and have vowed to come back again to this wonderful Park for this unique experience ( very sad we had to put down the old lady in 2014 because she was suffering)


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